About Haiti Justice Alliance

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The Haiti Justice Alliance is based in Northfield, MN. We received 501(c)3 non-profit status in December of 2010. Our mission is to work for the sustainable structural changes needed to provide social, political and economic rights to all Haitians.

The strength of the Haiti Justice Alliance is in our collaborative effort to support our partner groups. We support established grassroots efforts to create just solutions to Haitian problems.

How do we identify just solutions?

Rather than creating new programs, we seek out and support grassroots groups that successfully work on a range of issues (listed below).

How do we support them?

Being in partnership means we work with our partner groups to identify what we can do to support their efforts. Generally, we work to support our partners and build awareness of Haiti justice issues by…

  1. Hosting Educational Events: We host events that bring leading justice advocates and grassroots organizers from Haiti and the US to Minnesota.  We speak at local colleges, churches, and community group gatherings to inform people about Haiti’s struggles and the work of our partner groups.
  2. Providing Logistical Support: We provide opportunities for college students and professional people to engage in Haiti through connections with our partner groups.  We support internships and professional assistance and material support based on the identified needs of our partner groups.
  3. Providing Financial Support: We hold fundraisers that draw on our community networks to promote the work of our partner groups and help make their work financially feasible.
  4. Promoting Justice Perspectives: We draw attention to unjust US policies in Haiti, unjust media reporting about Haiti, and detrimental, top-down NGO engagement with the Haitian people. By doing so we make the case that listening to Haitian voices is critical to supporting sustainable Haitian solutions to Haitian problems.

What areas do our partner groups work in?

Human Rights Law
Community Empowerment
Civil and Political Rights
Environment and Sustainability

This blog is one piece of our education effort. You can learn more about our partner organizations by following the links to their pages.

For more information, please “like” us on Facebook  or visit  www.haitijusticealliance.org (under construction, but functional).

For questions about the blog, contact Nathan Yaffe: nathan.yaffe@gmail.com

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