Weekly Links Round-Up

Haiti’s government is receiving less budget support from international aid in 2011 than before the earthquake in 2009.

Pairs Well With: Congressional testimony from Paul Farmer explaining why aid must empower the Haitian government if it is to be effective.

President Martelly publicly defended MINUSTAH throughout last week. First, he said in an interview he “opposes reducing UN force in Haiti… people are playing politics, trying to ask MINUSTAH to leave because they want to create instability.” Then, speaking at the UN on Friday, he said, “I am aware that unacceptable blunders have marred the prestige of the mission, but the trees should not hide the forest…”

Pairs Well With: This picture of last week’s protest march against MINUSTAH. See the whole Facebook album from AlterPresse.

Sign: "Down with MINUSTAH & Interim Haiti Relief Commission. Compensation for all victims! Collective Mobilization to compensate cholera victims."

Supporters of Baby Doc Duvalier crashed Amnesty International’s press conference presenting their report on his human rights abuses, in an attempt to intimidate and silence discussion of his crimes

Pairs Well With: Amnesty’s report, entitled “You Cannot Kill The Truth: The Case Against Jean-Claude Duvalier,” which includes testimony and other evidence demonstrating how widespread Baby Doc’s crimes were.

Concluding Notes:

Garry Conille has been ratified by Haiti’s Parliament, meaning he will become the next Prime Minister, barring a surprise rejection vote from the Senate.

As a concluding note, Sebastian Walker’s reflection on reporting from Haiti is both eloquent and incisive, containing several broader lessons for how to engage with Haiti as either a journalist or an NGO.

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