Weekly Links Round-Up: International Community Disgraces Edition

Four Uruguayan UN peacekeepers bind and rape an 18-year old Haitian man, which is caught on tape and released to ABC News.

Pairs Well With: Fascinating account of how two young Haitians swiped the video off a UN soldiers’ phone. It’s interesting not just for background, but also because it shows how the Commissariat immediately dismissed the rape charge until a video was produced.

Also Pairs Well With: Photo from a slideshow detailing both the rape charge and other reports of abuse against the Uruguayan MINUSTAH base in the area. They’ve allegedly dumped waste into local waters and turned a nearby green area into a trash dump (shown below).

MINUSTAH uses a park for waste disposal

Oxfam fires six international staff in Haiti for misconduct, abuse of power and bullying.

Pairs Well With: Opinion piece from a humanitarian aid professional arguing all foreign aid actors should leave Haiti. He points to the fact that conversations surrounding aid are one-sided, characterized by international groups imposing their will on Haitians.

Wrapping up the news about international community misconduct in Haiti is an update about the 3rd nominee for Prime Minister. Given the rejection of the first two nominees, the US “put its foot down” and pressured Haiti to accept Clinton’s chief of staff as the new PM candidate. Barring any surprises, he’s expected to be confirmed.

Finally, IJDH offers a comprehensive update on the status of the Baby Doc prosecution. We wish them the best in this effort, because it would be the biggest human rights prosecution in Haiti since the Raboteau Trial.

Pairs Well With: The August update from the HJA-funded interns about working with IJDH to advance their human rights efforts.

2 Responses to Weekly Links Round-Up: International Community Disgraces Edition

  1. Jason says:

    Thank you for providing this resource! HJA’s weekly round-up is rapidly becoming my first choice for following Haiti news.

  2. […] means “Down with MINUSTAH” (the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti) in Haitian Creole. Last week’s roundup covered the breaking story of four UN peacekeepers who bound and raped an 18-year old Haitian man. […]

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