HAITI ON THE WEB: Weekly Links Round-Up

Your annotated weekend reading list, courtesy of Haiti Justice Alliance.

In case you missed any of the Wikileaks series on Haiti, this article is a great overview of the highlights.

Pairs well with: Yesterday’s new article from The Nation‘s Wikileaks series. The US really wanted Aristide to stay gone.

The Interim Haiti Relief Commission’s (IHRC) annual report is about to be released. CEPR, as always, has the early critique with lots of detailed analysis here.

Pairs well with: this striking photo from an anti-IHRC rally (more info at the link).

IHRC Protest in Haiti, July 27, 2011. Photo Credit: Gaetantguevara

Forced, illegal evictions intensify as a mix of government, local, and private security use violence and coercion to dispel residents. Their target? A soccer stadium with a match scheduled in August. In case there was any doubt about whether $250 was way too little to secure replacement housing, we now know that 64% of houses “about to collapse” and 85% of “precarious but reparable” houses are occupied again, likely by evicted camp residents.

Pairs well with: this great, accessible 7-minute primer on recent evictions from two Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti fellows.

Bill Clinton’s Love Affair With Haiti.” Linked not so much for the critique of Bill as for the reminder that we should all reflect on why we’re engaged in these (or other) issues.

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