Haiti on the Web: Weekly Links Round-Up


President Martelly announced a new nominee for Prime Minister, Bernard Gousse, after his first was rejected:

Here are 7 reasons why Bernard Gousse shouldn’t be Haiti’s next Prime Minister, from Wadner Pierre.

And here’s more on Gousse’s time as Justice Minister, detailing the political persecution and corruption that marked his reign.

Haitian Senators share at least some of these concerns, as 16 of 30 have signed a pledge to reject Gousse as well.

And for variety’s sake, here’s an interview with Kim Ives on politics and what Wikileaks reveals about the Haiti-US relationship.


Passionate essay on the extent and severity of the UN’s misconduct both before and after it brought cholera into Haiti.

Reconstruction Efforts:

Here’s the summary of an International Crisis Group report on the continuing housing/resettlement challenges in post-quake Haiti.

Paul Farmer asks: Has Aid to Haiti Changed Since the Earthquake? Short answer: money still bypasses the government and Haitian NGOs in favor of foreign contractors and aid organizations.

Recalling the debate over USAID’s agriculture programs in Haiti, a new study in Disasters concludes that disaster relief seeds must be more diverse to avoid damaging local food systems.

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